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What`s Mrs.Global.Earth

“Mrs Global Earth” was established in 2020. The competition originated from Japan.

Our concept is producing to opinion Leaders of geoenvironmental issues,
Along with support to Ladies continuing to be brilliant for every kind.

This competition will be held in Tokyo, Japan.
We have ready opportunities to participate in the “Experience tour of Japanese culture” too.

Are you interested in trying our competition?
If you are ready to represent your country, please let us know.

Final world competition will be held on 21 December 2023, and “Experience tour of Japanese culture” will be held the day before.


Contestant Qualifications

1. Contestants must be presently married, have a marital story over 20 years of age or at least 27 years of age.(Marriage doesnt matter.)


2. Contestants must speak English or Japanese


3. Contestants must be of good health, have good moral character, and possess poise and  personality plus beauty of face and figure.


Contestant Requirements

1: Entry fee is 800 dollars
( Included:2 competition tickets, training and experience tour fee, sash, expenses)
※ It depends on the rate for just 1 August 2023
※ Unincluded:travel, hotel, food expenses for this competition

2: The decision of Finalists will be 10 November 2023

3: All of contestants need to turn in self introduce video in advance

For contact us and Entry to our competition, please click here ↓↓






TEL 03-3517-2115

FAX 03-3517-2116




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